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The Joy Of The Lord

Saturday I leave once again for Africa. Ministry opportunities have taken a Huge leap forward since I made the determination to leave denominational Christianity and work in the larger church world without holding onto a denominational tag. In my old position I used to resource congregations in 8 countries. Now, I am resourcing church planting and discipleship projects in more than 27 countries of Africa! In one of our partnerships alone we may see as many as 10,000 new church plants this next year…and, I am working with about seven very large and strategic partnerships. On my desk are dozens of little sticky notes all filled with critical events for each project and I am trying to fit them together onto a calendar so that we can track them all and get them resourced, trained, and funded at the right times.

All of that is pretty cool…but, nothing compared to what happened to me last week. My grandson, Austin, was having a talk with his mother and he said, “I remember when I heard grandpa Fisher preach when we visited the church in Kampala. He said every life was born with a purpose. That means my life has a purpose, too.” Yep. It sure does. And, let me tell you something else Austin–God integrated that purpose for your life into your dna and your personality…and, there isn’t anyone that can take that away from you…except you.

You can miss your purpose…and, live a miserable and meaningless life like so many others are doing….or, you can go to the One that made your life with a purpose to find out what that purpose is…and, how it can work out in your life…and, your life can–like your grandpa’s life–impact the world with a powerful and life changing message of hope.

That choice is yours. No one else can make it for you.



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